1 yan
General information
Used by

White flag Nation of Yan


1.00 yan



Measurements and composition

11.3 g


25 mm




Yan I, value


Logo of the Fifth Micronational Olympics, year

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The 1 yan coin was issued by the Nation of Yan, a micronation based in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2008 to commemorate the Fifth Micronational Olympics, which was hosted by the self-proclaimed sovereign country during that year. The coin was designed, produced, and marketed by Jorge Fernández Vidal, the owner of JFV Coins. It is currently listed in Krause's Unusual World Coins under a section entitled "YAN".

The coin is composed of brass, measures approximately 25 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 11.3 grams. A left-facing bust of Yan Pagh, who stylizes himself as "Emperor Yan I", is displayed in the center of the obverse inside a circular frame. The caption "Yan I by the Grace of God" is displayed outside the circle along the coin's upper periphery, and the value "ONE YAN" is inscribed along the bottom rim. The logo of the 2008 Micronational Olympics, which is very similar in design to the taijitu (yin and yang symbol), is featured on the reverse, also enclosed within a circular frame. Above the frame is the legend "FREE OLYMPICS" and the year "129.996", and below is the title "NATION OF YAN". In total, a reported 100 examples were produced.


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