10 ICU
Wirtland crane
General information

Wirtland flag Wirtland


10.00 ICU



Measurements and composition

3.2 g


16.5 mm






Japanese Crane, title, value, year


coat of arms of Wirtland, title,

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The 10 ICU coin, also known as the Wirtland Crane, is a round that was issued by Wirtland, an internet-based micronation, in 2009. It is considered the world's first gold coin issued by a "virtual country", and is not currently listed in the Krause catalogs.

The Wirtland Crane is composed of .9999 gold. It weighs approximately 3.2 grams and measures 16.5 millimeters in diameter. An image of a Japanese Crane (Grus japonensis) in flight, which symbolizes that the micronation goes beyond national boundaries, is displayed on the obverse. "WIRTLAND" is inscribed around the coin's periphery above, while the symbolic value (written solely as "10") and the date are displayed below. The coat of arms of Wirtland, which consists of a "W" inside a crowned escutcheon above the Latin words "VIRTUS, NON COPIA VINCINT" (English: "Courage, not multitude, wins"), is depicted on the reverse. The title "WIRTLAND" appears above the arms, while the micronation's URL,, is displayed below it. The words "GOLD 999,9" are printed in the center of the reverse, where they are separated to opposite sides of the coin by the arms. Both sides of the coin were engraved by Daniel Carr, the sculptor responsible for the production of fantasy amero coins and the designs of the New York and Rhode Island state quarters, and the coins themselves were produced at the Moonlight Mint, a private mint owned by Carr in association with Designs Computed, LLC.


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