Hello. If you do not know who I am, I am Dser, Currency Wiki's founder and head administrator. I recently began considering redesigning the wiki's infobox templates, as myself and a few other individuals recently began feeling that such templates on Currency Wiki appear rather unappealing and dull. I have already made a test design for Template:Coin here, and this is the general design we eventually expect to use for all of our infoboxes. Unlike most of the current infobox templates, the new templates do not include any obsolescent HTML elements, and are thus HTML5 compliant. Today I will be adding some CSS code to the wiki that will alter some parts of pre-existing infoboxes. This code should make the formatting of the new infoboxes easier, but may cause a few design issues on the old infoboxes before they are converted. Please bear with us while we go through this process today and possibly tomorrow.

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