1879 Flowing Hair Stella reverse

Featured icon suggestion.

I am hoping to include featured articles and featured images next month, but before that happens, atleast two articles of amazing quality will have to be created. I am currently working on the banknote article and am planning on creating an article soon about the United States dollar that would match the criteria for featured article.

As for featured images, I believe that Currency Wiki is set for this competition. A number of outstanding images have already been uploaded and for some, it will be hard to determine what I will want to nominate as FI, but was thinking along the lines of Jiao zi.jpg and Euro coins and banknotes.jpg.

But before anything becomes featured, an image to designate something is featured must be added. I was thinking along the lines of the reverse of the United States stella coin (shown to the right).

--$ (Dser) 18:55, March 27, 2011 (UTC)