The country infobox.

As of April 17, 2011, I have created an infobox prototype for nations. It is different in appearance than Wikipedia's template, using the typical design of {{Coin}}, {{Banknote}}, and {{User}} with a few additions.

Reasons of design

I am personally not very knowledged in the creation of templates but I decided to use the typical infobox design for the following purposes:

  1. Wikipedia's infobox contained too many parameters.
  2. I did not know which parameters to remove on Wikipedia's infobox.
  3. I wanted to create a sense of originality, though the design of the infobox itself comes from Wikipedia.


As of now, I am thinking of adding the following parameters:

  • official name
  • local name
  • flag
  • COA
  • map
  • capital
  • languages
  • demonym
  • currency
  • estab1name
  • estab1time
  • estab2name
  • estab2time
  • estab3name
  • estab3time
  • estab4name
  • estab4time
  • estab5name
  • estab5time
  • GDP-PPP-total
  • GDP-PPP-pc
  • GDP-nomin-total
  • GDP-nomin-pc

Estimated time

I hope to have the infobox up by April 20.

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