Tiraspol Mint
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Transnistrian Republican Bank

The Tiraspol Mint (Russian: Тираспольский монетный двор) is the mint of Transnistria. It has been responsible for the production and issue of Transnistrian coins since its establishment in 2005. Currently, it is operated by the Russian enterprise Goznak.


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Transnistrian ruble
Banknotes 1 r5 r10 r25 r50 r100 r200 r500 r1000 r5000 r10,000 r50,000 r100,000 r500,000 r
Coins 1 k5 k10 k25 k50 k1 r3 r5 r10 r15 r20 r25 r50 r100 r1000 r
Miscellaneous Tiraspol MintTransnistrian Republican Bank

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