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Tin-zinc yen
Tin-zinc yen coins
General information
Material type

metal alloy






70-90% tin, 10-30% zinc[1]

Numismatic information
Used for

circulation coins

Used by

Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Empire of Japan[2]

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Tin-zinc is an alloy typically composed of 70-90% tin and 10-30% zinc.[1] It is one of several metallic alloys used for coins.


Tin-zinc was first introduced in the 1940s. It is very similar to aluminum in appearance and in mass. The alloy is resistant towards corrosion, and sulfur-enhanced, salty, and acidic environments.[1]


Tin-zinc is not a common alloy used in coin production. Four Imperial Japanese yen coins, the 1944-45 1 sen, 1944 5 sen, 1945-46 5 sen, and 1944 10 sen coins were struck in tin-zinc during World War II, and are the only coins mentioned as being composed "tin-zinc" in the Standard Catalog of World Coins.[2]

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