Tiiu Kirsipuu
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October 29, 1957, Tartu

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Tiiu Kirsipuu is an Estonian sculptor and engraver.


Estonia 15.65 kroon 1999

The 15.65 kroon coin.

Kirsipuu was born on October 29, 1957, in Tartu, Estonia. She was an alumnus of the Tallinn 46th Secondary School and the Estonian Academy of Arts. Afterwards, Kirsipuu began her career, working as a freelance artist from 1987 to 1993. From 1993 to 2003, she worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and then moved to Tallinn University to be a lecturer.

In 1999, she was commissioned to design the commemorative 15.65 krooni coin, which was issued on March 26 of that year.


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