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40 francs

CHF40 2 front horizontal CHF40 2 back horizontal

Obverse and reverse

General information

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland


40.00 francs


not issued


144 mm


82 mm




Arnold von Winkelried


ornaments, rosette, value

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The 40 franc banknote was a reserve note that was not issued in Switzerland. It would have equaled 40.00 francs, had it been circulated.

The banknote was printed by Orell Gessner Füssli and designed by S. Balzer, one of its employees. The note had a width of 144 millimeters by 82 millimeters and was predominantly purple-brown in color. Its obverse featured Swiss hero, Arnold von Winkelried while its reverse displayed ornaments, a rosette, and the "value" of the note.


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