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32 franken
Switzerland 32 franken 1800
General information

Republiquehelv Helvetic Republic


32 franken



Measurements and composition

15.28 g








Swiss warrior holding the flag of the Helvetic Republic, state title


Wreath, value, year

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The 32 franken coin was issued by the Helvetic Republic, a client state of the First French Empire that comprised of the land of modern-day Switzerland, in 1800.

The coin is composed of .900 fine gold and weighs approximately 15.28 grams. A standing Swiss warrior holding the flag of the Helvetic Republic in his right hand is featured on the obverse, accompanied by the German state title of the French client republic (HELVETISCHE REPUBLIK) and a "B" mint mark, which signified the coin was struck at the Bern Mint. The value and year of minting were displayed on the reverse, entirely encircled by an oak wreath.


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