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1000 francs
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Flag of Switzerland Switzerland


1000.00 francs


19841994, 2006

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Numerous. See below


Numerous. See below

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The 1000 franc coin was a commemorative shooting thaler issued by Switzerland beginning in 1984 and ending in 1994. It was eventually replaced as the higher valued coin by the 500 franc coin. These coins were equal to 1000 francs, being the highest denominated coin of the Swiss franc.


All of these coins were composed of gold. The first was minted in 1984, commemorating the shooting festival in Oberhasli. Every year after that, until 1994, the coins were issued annually. Today they are replaced by the 500 franc coin.


1000 francs Oberhasli Oberhasli 1984 Seated Helvetia William Tell and his son 300
Altdorf 1000 francs Shutzenfest Altdorf 1985 Crossing rifles William Tell
1000 francs Appenzell Appenzell 1986 Coat of arms of Appenzell Swiss soldier, shield, drum
1000 francs Glarus Glarus 1987 Eagle holding a shield Helvetia by a Swiss flag holding a rifle
1000 francs Aargau Brugg 1988 Crossing rifles, The Black Tower Helvetia 400
1000 francs Zug Menzingen 1989 Coat of arms of Switzerland and Zug Helvetia 250
1000 francs Winterthur Winterthur 1990 Two figures Crossing rifles, target
Langenthal 1991 Alpine herdsman Coat of arms of the canton of Bern 400
Dielsdorf 1992 Lion Three riflemen shooting at targets 175
Weinfelden 1993 Swiss soldier holding flag coat of arms of the canton of Thurgau 200
Rorschach 1994 Woman with crossbow Bear holding flag


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