¼ dollar
General information

Flag of the United KingdomFlag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone


¼ dollar = 13 pence


c. 18321834 (ND)

Measurements and composition

5–7 g


20 mm





Host coin

Spanish 8 real coin or colonial 8 real coins


Monogram of William IV


Blank, except for features present on the host coin

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The ¼ dollar coin is a coin that was issued by the British colony of Sierra Leone circa 1832 to 1834, during the reign of King William IV of the United Kingdom (1765–1837), which lasted from 1830 to 1837. It had a value equivalent to ¼ of a dollar, or approximately 13 pence.

The piece is generally countermarked over a triangle-shaped clipping from an 8 real coin of Spain or its colonies. As such, it is composed of .903 fine silver. The coin's mass varies, but is typically between 5 and 7 grams, and the piece's diameter is usually around 20 millimeters. Stamped into the obverse is the monogram of King William IV – consisting of the letters "WR" for the Latin "William Rex" (English: "King William") below St. Edward's Crown. The reverse bears no graphics or text aside from what was on the host coin prior to the host's use as Sierra Leonean currency.


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Sierra Leonean dollar
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