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10 bani

10 bani 1917 avers 10 bani 1917 revers

General information

Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania


0.10 lei




33 mm


44 mm




Ferdinand I


Coat of arms of Romania

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The 10 bani banknote was issued in Iași, Romania by the Ministry of Finance in 1917, as part of a series of war money. It is regarded as the world's smallest paper money by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The note itself measured 44 millimeters in height by 33 millimeters in width, though the printed area measured 38 by 27.5 millimeters. It was predominantly green in color. Depicted on the obverse was an image of King Ferdinand I. Displayed on the reverse was the coat of arms of Romania with writing underneath, which promised that counterfeiters would be imprisoned for 5 to 10 years if caught.


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