2 reales
Puebla 2 reales 1813 Ponterio
General information

Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) New Spain (insurgency)
Flag of Puebla Puebla


2.00 reales



Measurements and composition





Monogram of Osorno, "ZACATLAN", year


Arrows, wreath, year

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The 2 real coin is a coin that was issued in 1813 by insurgent forces under Lieutenant General José Francisco Osorno (1769–1824) in Puebla during the Mexican War for Independence. It is one of three pieces issued by the insurgents in the area, the others denominated at ½ and 1 reales.

The coin is composed of copper and is imperfectly round in shape. The monogram of José Francisco Osorno (Osorno monogram) is displayed at the very top of the obverse. Directly below it in a thin, crude font is the text "Zacatlan", signifying the coin was produced at the Zacatlán Mint in northern Puebla. At the very bottom of the obverse is the year of minting, 1813, printed in the same font as the word above it. Depicted at the top center of the reverse is a pair of crossed arrows superimposed by a thin wreath. The value "2 R", a shortened form of "2 Reales", is inscribed at the very bottom of the coin.

The mintage of this coin is unknown, but it is believed to be limited in number. Most examples tend to be of a low grade, but are usually sold for relatively high prices at auction.


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