10,000 reis
Portugal 10000 reis 1879
Coin from 1879
General information

Flag Portugal (1830) Kingdom of Portugal


10,000.00 reis



Measurements and composition

17.735 g






Luís I, year


Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Portugal, value

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The 10,000 real coin was issued by the Kingdom of Portugal from 1878 to 1889, during the reign of King Luís I. It was the second highest-denominated coin of the Portuguese real, succeeded only by the 8 escudo coin, which had a value equal to 12,800 reis.

The coin is composed of .9170 fine gold and weighs approximately 17.7349 grams. A left-facing portrait of King Luís I is featured on the obverse, with the Latin caption "LUDOVICUS • I • PORTUG: ET • ALGARB: REX" (English: "King Luís I of Portugal and Algarve") written above around the coin's periphery. The initials of Portuguese artist Frederico Augusto de Campos are printed in small text directly below the king's likeness, and the year of minting is inscribed underneath that, at the bottom edge of the coin. A cloaked coat of arms of Portugal, which consists of five escutcheons surrounded by a bordure charged with seven castles, is displayed on the reverse. At the bottom of the coin is the value, inscribed as "10.000 REIS". A total of at least 178,700 examples were produced over a span of twelve years.

A number of pattern 10,000 real coins were struck in Portugal from 1858 to 1900. Such coins were minted in gilded and normal copper, gold, porcelain, and tin.


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