Not to be confused with the Mozambican 1 metical coin.
1 metica
Mozambique metica 1975
General information

Flag of Mozambique Mozambique


1.00 metica


1975 (never issued)

Measurements and composition

11.4 g


28.6 mm






Samora Machel, state title, year


Sisal, value

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The 1 metica coin is a coin that was initially minted in 1975 for use in the Republic of Mozambique as part of the proposed metica currency system. However, after the project was discontinued soon after, the 1 metica coin was never issued. A 1 metical coin, not to be confused with the metica coin, was later issued in 1980 as part of a new, similarly-named metical currency.

The 1 metica coin is composed of a cupronickel alloy, and has a mass of 11.4 grams and a diameter of 28.6 millimeters. Like most coins, it is round in shape. Depicted in the center of the obverse is a right-facing likeness of Samora Machel, the President of Mozambique from the country's independence from Portugal in 1975 until his death in 1986. Starting at the bottom left side of the coin and extending upward along the periphery to end at the opposite side of the obverse is the Portuguese state title "REPUBLICA POPULAR DE MOÇAMBIQUE", which translates to English as "Popular Republic of Mozambique". At the very bottom of the coin is the date "1975", which is shown arched around the rim. A sisal plant (Agave sisalana), a North American agave that was eventually introduced to Mozambique, is featured at the top of the reverse, with the value "1 METICA" inscribed below it, curved around the bottom periphery.

A total mintage of 2,550,000 examples is recorded in the Standard Catalog of World Coins. However, because none were issued, the coin is considered relatively rare.