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1000 lei

MD 1000 lei av MD 1000 lei rev

Banknote printed in 1992

General information

Flag of Moldova Moldova


1000 lei




133 mm


66 mm

Security features

security thread, translucency, watermark




Stephen the Great


Moldovan Presidency Building, Trajan's Column, The Endless Column

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The 1000 lei banknote was first printed by Moldova in 1992. It was first issued during October 2003 and is still in circulation today.

The 1000 lei note is predominantly blue in color. It has dimensions of 133 millimeters in width by 66 millimeters in height. Displayed on the obverse is an image of Stephen the Great. Shown on the reverse is the Moldovan Presidency Building with Trajan's Column and The Endless Column.

For security, a dark watermark, a security thread, and a translucent feature were implemented.

On the note, the Moldovan Presidency Building is inscribed as the Parliament Building. This is because the notes were printed when it was indeed the Parliament Building, but became the Presidency building afterward.


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Coat of arms of Moldova Moldovan leu
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