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100,000 pesos
General information

Flag of Mexico Mexico




1990 (never issued)

Measurements and composition





Coat of arms of Mexico, state title


Plutarco Elías Calles, value, year

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The 100,000 peso coin was a pattern coin minted by Mexico in 1990.

It is composed of bronze. The Mexican coat of arms is featured on the obverse, accompanied by the state title of Mexico in Spanish (ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS). A right-facing portrait of Plutarco Elías Calles, who served as the 40th President of Mexico from 1924 to 1928, is depicted on the reverse. Underneath his likeness is a caption reading "PLUTARCO E. CALLES". To the left of the portrait is the year of minting and a vertically-inscribed value, and to the right is the logo of the Mexican Mint and text that reads "Ley 0.800".


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Coat of arms of Mexico Mexican peso
Banknotes $1$2$5$10$20$50$100$200$500$1000$2000$5000$10,000$20,000$50,000$100,000
Coins 10¢20¢25¢50¢$1$2$2.5$5$10$20$25$50$100$200$250$500$1000$2000$5000$10,000$50,000$100,000

1/20 ozt.1/15 ozt.1/10 ozt.¼ ozt.½ ozt.1 ozt.2 ozt.5 ozt.1 kg

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