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148 stater
General information

Lydia (possibly)


148 stater


c. 700561 BC (ND)

Measurements and composition

0.3 g






Lion head


Four-part incuse punch

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The 148 stater coin is a circulation coin that is believed to have been issued by the Kingdom of Lydia, an Ancient Anatolian nation that was located in parts of what is now western Turkey. As with all Lydian coins produced before the reign of King Croesus (595 BC–c. 547 BC), the time period in which the 148 stater piece was minted is currently under debate, but numismatists often estimate an interval from 700 to 561 BC. The most common opinion is that the piece was struck during the earlier reign of King Alyattes (?–560 BC), who ruled from about 619 BC until his death in 560 BC. The piece had a value equivalent to 148 of a stater prior to its eventual demonetization.

The coin is composed of electrum, a naturally-occurring alloy of gold and silver and small amounts of base metal. Its mass varies, but is often approximately 0.3 grams. Featured on the obverse is a left-facing lion head. Displayed on the reverse is a four-part incuse punch.


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