Armenia 10 luma 1994

An Armenian 10 luma coin.

The luma (Armenian: լումա) is the subunit of the Armenian and Nagorno-Karabakh dram currencies. It has a value equal to 1/100 of a dram.


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Armenian dram
Banknotes 10 d25 d50 d100 d200 d500 d1000 d5000 d10,000 d20,000 d
50,000 d100,000 d
Coins 10 l20 l50 l1 d3 d5 d10 d20 d25 d50 d100 d200 d500 d1000 d1957 d2000 d5000 d10,000 d20,000 d25,000 d50,000 d100,000 d
Miscellaneous Armenian dram signCentral Bank of ArmeniaLumaNagorno-Karabakh dram
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Nagorno-Karabakh dram
Banknotes 2 d10 d
Coins 50 l1 d3 d5 d1,000 d25,000 d50,000 d
Miscellaneous Commemorative currencyLialoosin Inc.LumaÖsterreichische Staatsdruckerei

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