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2 thaler
LIP 1843 - Vereinsdoppeltaler
1843 coin
General information

Flagge Fürstentum Lippe Principality of Lippe


2.00 thaler

Measurements and composition

37.1199 g (1843)





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  • Imperial eagle, year (1612, 1614)
  • Crown, year (1617-1618)
  • Ferdinand II (1620)
  • Coat of arms, value, year (1685, 1843)
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The 2 thaler coin was minted by the Principality of Lippe during its time as a state of the Holy Roman Empire, and then the German Confederation. A majority of such coins were minted in the 1700s, though one was produced later, in the 19th century.


Coins of Simon VI and Simon VIIEdit

The majority of 2 thaler coins from the Principality of Lippe were minted during the reign of Princes Simon VI and Simon VII. The first of these coins, minted in 1612 and 1614, was composed of silver. On the obverse was a helmeted coat of arms, surrounded by a legend reading, "DOM·IN·LIPPIE·SIMON·COET·NO". Depicted on the reverse was the double-headed eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, surrounded by a legend.

During 1617, the second 2 thaler coin of Simon VI's reign was introduced. Like the first, it was composed of silver. Displayed on the reverse was the year of minting within a legend, divided by a crown.

In 1620, the final 2 thaler coin of Simon VI's reign was introduced. Like the first two it was composed of silver. Depicted on the reverse was Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II.

Coin of Simon HeinrichEdit

In 1685, during the reign of Prince Simon Heinrich, a 2 thaler coin was produced. It was composed of silver. Depicted on the obverse was Prince Simon Heinrich, surrounded by a legend. On the reverse was a crowned coat of arms with palm sprays.

Coin of Leopold IIEdit

During the reign of Prince Leopold II, a 2 thaler coin (shown above) was produced in 1843. It was composed of .900 fine silver and weighed 37.1199 grams. On the obverse was a right-facing bust of Leopold II, surrounded by a legend reading, "PAUL ALEXANDER LEOPOLD FURST ZUR LIPPE". Shown on the reverse was the coat of arms of the Principality of Lippe surrounded by the value (inscribed as 2 thalers on the left and 3½ gulden on the right) and year of minting. A total of 17,000 of these coins were produced.


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Lippe thaler
Ducat ¼ dc1 dc1½ dc2 dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6 dc10 dc
Groschen 1/12 mgr1/6 mgr1 mgr2 mgr4 mgr6 mgr24 mgr½ Sgr1 Sgr1 gr2 gr
2½ Sgr
Pfennig ½ pf1 pf½ pf2 pf3 pf4 pf6 pf
Thaler 1/96 th1/48 th1/24 th1/21 th1/12 th1/6 th¼ th⅓ th½ th⅔ th1 th1¼ th
2 th
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