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2 groschen
General information

Flagge Fürstentum Lippe Principality of Lippe


2 groschen



Measurements and composition

3.31 g


30 mm




coat of arms


Saint Andrew, rose

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The 2 groschen coin was minted by the Principality of Lippe in 1508 during the reign of Prince Bernard VII.

It was composed of silver, weighed 3.31 grams, and measured 30 millimeters in diameter. Displayed on the obverse was a helmet over the coat of arms of Lippe, with a legend reading "NOBILI(S) BE - RNARD: D: LIP - A." in blackletters. Depicted on the reverse was Saint Andrew holding a book and cross, with the rose of Lippe below, surrounded by a legend reading, "S: ANDREA(S) - APOST(L):." in blackletters.


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Lippe thaler
Ducat ¼ dc1 dc1½ dc2 dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6 dc10 dc
Groschen 1/12 mgr1/6 mgr1 mgr2 mgr4 mgr6 mgr24 mgr½ Sgr1 Sgr1 gr2 gr
2½ Sgr
Pfennig ½ pf1 pf½ pf2 pf3 pf4 pf6 pf
Thaler 1/96 th1/48 th1/24 th1/21 th1/12 th1/6 th¼ th⅓ th½ th⅔ th1 th1¼ th
2 th
Other coins 1 goldgulden1 gosler1 gulden1 heller1 mattier1 stuber3 flitter12 kreuzer15 kreuzer
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