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5 franken
General information

Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein


5.00 franken



Measurements and composition

25 g


37 mm






Johann II


coat of arms of Liechtenstein, branches, value, year

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The 5 franken coin was issued by Liechtenstein in 1924. Today, these coins are rare, as many have been melted.

The coin was composed of .900 fine silver. It had a mass of 25 grams and a diameter of 37 millimeters. Displayed on the obverse was an effigy of Prince Johann II with the legend, "JOHANN II FÜRST VON LIECHTENSTEIN". On the reverse was the coat of arms of Liechtenstein with branches, the value, and the year of minting. A total of 15,000 of these coins were minted, but 11,260 were melted. As a result, only 3740 of these coins are still in existence today.


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