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Logo of the BNM.

A governor holds the position as the head official of the National Bank of Moldova. Three individuals have held the title since it was established in 1991.

List of governors of the National Bank of MoldovaEdit


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Coat of arms of Moldova Moldovan leu
Banknotes 1 L5 L10 L20 L50 L100 L200 L500 L1000 L
Coins 1 b5 b10 b25 b50 b1 L5 L10 L20 L50 L100 L200 L
Miscellaneous National Bank of MoldovaTransnistrian ruble
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Moldovan cupon
Banknotes 50 cupon200 cupon1000 cupon5000 cupon
Miscellaneous Fixed exchange rateNational Bank of Moldova

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