4 franken
Fribourg 1813 4 Franken
Coin from 1813
General information

Flag of Canton of Fribourg Canton of Fribourg


4.00 franken



Measurements and composition

29.88 g






Coat of arms of Fribourg, state title, year


Standing swordsman with shield, value

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The 4 frank coin is a circulation piece that was issued by the Canton of Fribourg in 1813, during the relatively short-lived Swiss Confederation under French Emperor Napoleon (1769–1821). It equaled a total of 4 franken. It was the highest denominated coin issued by the canton when it used the Fribourg frank.

The coin is composed of silver and weighs approximately 29.88 grams. A circular depiction of the coat of arms of Fribourg, which consists of a black bar above a white bar of equal proportion, is shown in the center of the obverse, with a pair of tied branches below and to its sides and a crown displayed above. The legend "CANTON FREYBURG" is present to the sides of the illustration, with the first word being separated from the last by the crown. Below the arms is the year of minting followed by a dot. A depiction of a Swiss soldier holding up a sword with his left hand (at the right) and an oval-shaped shield bearing the inscriptions "XIX CANT" with his right (at the left) is shown on the reverse. The German legend "SCHWEIZER.E EIDSGENOSS.T", an abbreviated form of Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (English: "Swiss Confederation"), is featured along the coin's rim, separated to opposite sides of the reverse by the soldier's head. The coin's value "4.FRANK.N" is shown at the very bottom of the reverse underneath the illustration.

In total, only 2,429 examples of the 4 frank coin were produced.


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