Eugène André Oudiné
Biographical information

Flag of France France


January 1, 1810, Paris


April 12, 1887, Paris

Occupational information

Monnaie de Paris

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Eugène André Oudiné was a French engraver, medallist, and sculptor.


Oudiné was born in Paris on January 1, 1810. He was a student of André Galle, Louis Petitot, and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, three renowned French artists. In 1831, Oudiné won the Engraving Category of the Prix de Rome for his medals. He subsequently occupied an official post as designer, first to the Inland Revenue Service, and then to the Paris Mint. Here, he produced a number of commemorative medals and coins for Argentina, Cochinchina, and France. Oudiné died on April 12, 1887 in Paris.


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