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20 euros
Estonia 20 euro 2011
General information
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Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Europe European Union





Measurements and composition

14.6 g


27.25 mm


gold and silver




coat of arms of Estonia, state title, year


Clock cogwheels, value

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The 20 euro coin was a commemorative coin issued by the Republic of Estonia on January 24, 2011.

The coin, entitled "Estonia's accession", is bimetallic, consisting of a .9999 fine silver outer ring and a .9999 gold center. It weighs 14.6 grams and measures 27.25 millimeters in diameter. A free-hand drawing of the coat of arms of Estonia is featured on the obverse, accompanied by a legend reading "EESTI VABARIIK" (Republic of Estonia) and the year. Both of these inscriptions are written within the outer ring. A number of clock cogwheels, which represent the euro currency system, are featured in the center of the reverse, encircled by eight screws in the ring. Both sides of the coin were designed by Estonian cartoonist Priit Pärn. The Finland Mint Ltd. in Vantaa produced a total of 10,000 examples, each with an issue price of 350 euros.


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