Ehsanullah Ehsan
Governor of the Taliban's Central Bank


Succeeded by

Ehsanullah Sarfida

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Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan



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Ehsanullah Ehsan was an Afghan banker affiliated with the Taliban. He was the chairman of the Taliban's Central Bank until his death.


Ehsan was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He eventually became the governor of the Khost Province before becoming chairman of the Taliban's Central Bank. In December 1996, Ehsan declared most afghani notes in circulation within Afghanistan worthless, and cancelled the contract with the Russian firm that printed the currency. He accused the firm of sending shipments of these notes to the ousted president, Burhanuddin Rabbani in the northern Takhar Province.

At the battle of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1997, Ehsan was captured by anti-Taliban forces, but was eventually freed. Later on, he led an elite group of around 1000 Kandaharis, ensuring he received limited attention before he was killed.


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Coins 1 p2 p3 p5 p10 p20 p25 p50 p½ Af1 Af2 Afs2½ Afs5 Afs10 Afs½ am20 Afs1 am4 g1 tl8 g50 Afs2½ am100 Afs250 Afs500 Afs5000 Afs10,000 Afs
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