1 sen
General information

Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Dutch East Indies under occupation by the Japanese


0.01 roepiah (never issued)



Measurements and composition

0.55 g


16 mm








Wayang puppet's head, state title, year



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The 1 sen coin is a coin that was produced by the Empire of Japan from 1943 to 1944, during the latter half of World War II. It was intended for use in the Dutch East Indies, which at the time was occupied by Japan, but the state of the war made shipping the coins virtually impossible, so they were never issued. Had the coin been put into circulation, it would have had a value equal to 0.01 roepiah.

The coin is composed of aluminum, weighs approximately 0.55 grams, and has a diameter of 16 millimeters. It uses medallic alignment and is round in shape. An image of a head of a wayang puppet is shown facing to the left in the center of the obverse. The Japanese state title is written from right to left as "本日大" (Romanized: Dai Nippon; English: "Great Japan") above the depiction, while the Japanese imperial year representing the date of minting is shown below the image. Featured at the bottom center of the reverse is the numeral "1", superimposed over an image of the sun surrounded by what appears to be a floral pattern.

Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins reports that a total of approximately 300,000,000 examples of the coin were produced at the Osaka Mint over a two year period. However, only a handful are known to survive today because many of the pieces were lost or remelted at the mint. Similar rare coins denominated at 5 and 10 sen were also produced but never issued.

An unlisted, possibly unique, silver version of the coin from 1943 was auctioned off by Heritage Auctions in 2011. It had an estimated value of US$2000 and was sold for US$9000.


  • 2603 (1943): 233,190,000
  • 2604 (1944): 66,810,000
  • Total: 300,000,000


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