This article is about the token coin produced in 1874. For the coin issued in 1822, see Curaçao 1 stuiver coin.
1 stuiver
General information

Flag of Curaçao Curaçao


1 stuiver


non-dated; issued c. 1874

Measurements and composition

1.15 g


15 mm


0.8 mm






Initials of issuing company



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The 1 stuiver token coin was issued by Jesurun & Co, Leyba & Co, and Jacob Jeosuah Naar around 1874 on the Dutch colony of Curaçao. It had a circulation value of only 2.5 cents, or 0.025 gulden.


The island of Curaçao experienced a shortage of small denomination currency during the latter half of the 19th century. In an attempt to solve the problem, the government authorized three firms, Jesurun & Co, Leyba & Co, and Jacob Jeosuah Naar to produce small token coins. While many works, including Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins, suggest the coins were produced around 1880, they were actually struck in 1874. The tokens were then redeemed the following year, and continued to be used until being demonetized in 1885. Even though 1 stuiver typically equaled 5 cents in the Dutch West Indies, for some reason the token coins only had a circulation value of 2.5 cents. These coins were produced in small numbers, and they are today considered extremely rare.


The 1 stuiver token coin is composed of a copper-nickel-zinc alloy. It weighs approximately 1.15 grams and measures 15 millimeters in diameter and 0.8 millimeters thick. The coin uses coin orientation and has a plain edge. The initials of the issuing company are inscribed in the center of the obverse. The variety produced by Jesurun & Co features "J × Co", with the letter "o" underlined twice and the entire inscription underlined once. Naar's variety only bears the initials "J.J.N", and the variety issued by Leyba and Co features and underlined "L × C". In spite of having varying obverses, the reverses of all varieties are uniform, featuring the value "1 STUIVER" above a single underline.


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