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General information

Flag of France French Congo





Measurements and composition

3 g


30 mm




round with hole




"MC", year

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Middle Congo, during its time as a territory of French Equatorial Africa, issued a series of two non-denominated token coins in 1925 and 1926. They were produced at the Poissy Mint in France. The coins may have been used for paying taxes, and their values are believed correspond to the animals shown on the obverses.

History and descriptionEdit

Middle Congo introduced its series of two non-denominated coins in 1925, the same year in which Gabon started its own series of similar pieces. Both coins are composed of aluminum and have a mass of 3 grams and a diameter of approximately 30 millimeters. They have medallic alignment and are round in shape, with a circular hole punched in the center. A different animal is featured on the obverse for each year the coins were produced, with the central hole cut over portions of the illustration. An elephant (Loxodonta) appears on 1925 pieces, while a leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) is shown on 1926 coins. Curved in a clockwise direction along the upper rim of the reverse, above the central hole, is "MC", an abbreviation for the French Moyen-Congo (English: "Middle Congo"), and written along the bottom periphery of the piece is the date of minting, flanked to the left by the thunderbolt mint mark of Poissy and to the right by a grain privy mark. Both the obverse and reverse rims are raised and decorated with a dentillated border.

Examples of both non-denominated coins are rare, appearing at auctions every once in a while. Prices generally vary from approximately US$700 to US$1,500, depending on the year and condition of the piece, as well as demand.


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