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This article is about the coin produced by the Republic of the Congo in 1984. For the current circulation coin of the CEMAC, see Central African 10 franc coin. For the coin of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, see Congolese 10 franc coin (Democratic Republic).
10 francs
General information

Flag of the Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo


10.00 CFA francs (not issued)



Measurements and composition



n/a; uniface


Fencing, state title, value, year



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The 10 franc coin is a commemorative trial strike that was minted in 1984 under the authority of the Republic of the Congo. It was made in celebration of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, United States. Had the coin been issued, it would have had a legal tender face value equivalent to 10.00 Central African CFA francs in the Republic of the Congo.

The coin is composed of silver. Fencing, one of the sports included in the Summer Olympics, is portrayed on the obverse. The reverse of this uniface piece is blank.

Only 3 examples of the coin are known to exist.


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