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12 pence/daalder
General information

Flag of Bermuda Bermuda


no monetary value, marked as 12 pence and 1 daalder



Measurements and composition

38 mm




Sommer Islands 12 pence coin obverse


New York 1 daalder coin reverse

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The 12 pence/daalder coin was a medallic coin issued by Bermuda in 1990.


Sommer Islands 12pence obv

The Sommer Islands 12 pence coin.

There were two variants of the coin, one struck in copper, and the other in silver-plated brass. Both measured 38 millimeters in diameter. Depicted on both coins' obverse was the design used on the obverse of the Sommer Islands 12 pence coin from 1616, which displayed a boar underneath the coin's value inscribed in Roman numerals, encircled by a legend reading "★ SOMMER ★ ISLANDS". Displayed on the coin's reverse was the reverse of Thomas Elder's New York 1 daalder fantasy coin, which featured a sailing Dutch ship in the center, with a legend reading "NIEUW · AMSTERDAM" inscribed above, and "MCMIX" (1909) and the coin's "value" below.

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