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1 kwanza

Angola 1 kwanza 1999 obv Angola 1 kwanza 1999 rev

General information

Flag of Angola Angola


1.00 Kz




130 mm[1]


66 mm[1]

Security features



dark brown, pink, light blue


José Eduardo dos Santos, Agostinho Neto


Women picking cotton, coat of arms, mask

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The 1 kwanza banknote was first printed in 1999 for use in Angola. It is the lowest denominated kwanza note ever produced, with a value equal to 1.00 kwanza.

The note is predominantly dark brown, pink, and light blue in color, and measures about 130 millimeters in width by 65 millimeters in height[1]. Depicted on the obverse are Presidents, José Eduardo dos Santos and Agostinho Neto. Displayed on the reverse are women picking cotton, with the coat of arms of Angola in the bottom left corner, and a traditional Angolan mask in the upper right corner. For security, a watermark is implemented.


  • Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Modern Issues 1961 - Present
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