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2 spesmiloj
General information
Used by

Flag of Esperanto Esperantists


Spesmilo sign2.00



Measurements and composition

22 g


36 mm






Coat of arms, value, year


L. L. Zamenhof

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The 2 spesmilo coin was an Esperantist coin minted by the Swiss firm Holy Frères in 1912 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first publication of Esperanto.

The coin was composed of silver, weighed 22 grams, and measured 36 millimeters in diameter. Displayed on the obverse was a shield with a star in the center, with a pot of fire above and crossing branches below. The value (inscribed as 2Spesmilo sign) was separated by the shield. Floating above the pot of fire was a legend reading "JUBILEO DE ESPERANTO" (Jubilee of Esperanto), and below the branches were the dates "1887-1912". Depicted on the reverse was the creator of Esperanto, L. L. Zamenhof, flanked by two five-pointed stars. Above Zamenhof was a legend reading "D.RO L.L. ZAMENHOF", and below was another inscription, which read "AUTORO DE ESPERANTO".


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